Leo and the Sun

So there—said Mr. Hicks—it should work now… try moving your wings.

I am trying! but they won’t unfold! Said Leo with desperation… a grimace of disappointment and exhaustion flashing on his face…

Hmm…  a little tweaking was enough for Maina—look at her! She’s been flying for the last hour!

An old teacher couldn’t help but look up and smile admiring his brightest dearest student.  She is so graceful he thought—so much potential. Maina was always special to his heart.

Leo could now barely hold back his tears… oh how much his little heart wished to be soaring high up in the pristine blue sky, flying higher and higher into the Sun, soaking up the warmth and forgetting about everything below… to finally be a free spirit, like all of his friends who had already left the “home nest.”

Suddenly, a wave of emotion came over him—he lifted his little head, and, without saying a word took off running towards the edge of the cliff… he was looking at nothing but the bright Sun ahead of him—so beautiful and shiny, big and warm, welcoming and loving, yet so far far away… but he was determined to get to it this time… he had no fear left, no doubt, no time to think… Jump!!

Unfold-unfold-unfold!” Leo kept repeating the mantra, but the silver needles on his back would only perk up and flatten against his back… “Unfo-o-o-o-ld!

He didn’t know when he fell… he couldn’t feel his paws or nose, or any other part of his body, but he could see the Sun… so big, so bright, embracing him warmly in a loving hug… all of his worries were gone just like that, in an instant! Leo felt strangely at peace and he let himself dissolve into the light…

Help! —yelled a girl in red boots with a ponytail—Help! Did you all just see that? I swear that hedgehog is rabid! He just jumped off of that cliff and almost landed on my head! Somebody! I need a stick—quick, before he jumps again and starts biting!  

Oh… wait… Ew! Never mind, I think he’s dead… he is not moving… what a stupid animal—he must’ve thought he was a bird… Ha-ha!

About tolstunka

Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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