The Dancing Geese

There was once a little gremlin.

His name was Mr. Pie.

He loved to sing and dance around,

And boy, he wasn’t shy!

Once mother goose came to his place,

Cute goslings by her side.

She asked the gremlin, “Dear Sir,

Please teach them how to fly.”

So off they went to joyful sea.

They played, and swam, and dived,

But no matter what, no matter how,

They couldn’t learn to fly.

As days went by with no success,

Our Mr. Pie was sad.

He then came up with a new approach—

He taught them how to dance.

And they became “The Dancing Geese.”

So brilliant and bright,

That their fame now spans the world— 

A legend, far and wide! 🙂

About tolstunka

Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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